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A Sasuke x Naruto Fan Club
United States
Favourite cartoon character: Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto
Hello and welcome to the SasuNaru Club! :D

As you have guessed, this is obviously a club for Sasuke and Naruto from the Anime/Manga by Masashi Kishimoto being together. :boogie:

Founder- :iconqueen-of-anime: :blowkiss:

1) Must love Sasuke x Naruto. Duh, why else would you want to join if you didn't like them together?
2) Be nice to eachother, no fighting... :|

To Join-
1) Send a Note to the club titled Join
2) devWATCH the club so can look for updates
3) Put the club's icon in your journal or link to us in your signature

1) Send a note to the club titled Submit
2) You can submit almost anything
3) Pictures that have characters other than Sasuke and Naruto are fine, but Sasuke and Naruto have to be somewhere in it
4) Fanfics must be yaoi between Sasuke and Naruto
5) Must be about Sasuke and Naruto being together, I mean, after all, this is the SasuNaru Club.
6) If you submit something, all credit will go to you.
7) Mature content is acceptable, as long as you warn me first.
8) Any fanwork must be your own work, no art theft people!
9) You must be a member to submit anything

1) Send a Note to the club titled Affiliate
2) devWATCH the club
3) List under you affiliates list

Um...none yet, the club just started...I have to get the club up and running first.

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kiwibung Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2006
W00t :D A sasunaru fanclub~~~ :heart: Can I please join??? x333
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